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Who We Are

The Great Barrington Fire District Water Department is staffed by highly trained, dedicated personnel. They maintain a safe drinking water system for the residents of the Great Barrington Fire District through regular inspections and rigorous maintenance.
We are commited to providing you with information because informed customers are the best allies and together we will ensure the future of our water system, protect the water supply, and continue to deliver the higest quality of water for the lowest  possible rate.
We welcome input from our customers and encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have.
Water Department Personnel

Water Superintendent

      Peter H. Marks      


Field Workers

Daniel N. Niewinski, Senior Water Systems Operator

Mark A. Robitaille, Water Systems Operator

Jeffrey W. Snyder, Water Systems Operator


Office Staff

Cynthia J. Ullrich, District Clerk

                                           Assistant Treasurer


Water Commissioners/The Prudential Committee


Walter F. Atwood III, Chairman

Member since May 8, 1998
Term expires 2025


Kenneth Schumacher, Treasurer

Member since May 17, 1999
Term expires 2026


Robert G. Hammer

Member since May 20, 2011
Term expires 2026


William Foster

Member since May 14, 2012
Term expires 2027

William M. Brinker

Member since May 14, 2018

Term expires 2027





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